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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Good Report and Rub On Fipples

Well I went to the PS this past week for my post-antibiotic follow up. She looked me over and pronounced me good to go! She didn't think I should have any more infection problems and then she started pointing out what she could revise whenever I was ready to get a touch up. (PS's are so picky about their work LOL). She said that she wouldn't do anything else, nipples or a touch up for a year. She said to just give everything time to settle down and then we could do the revision/nipples if I wanted them. Since I do want nipples and I'm all for having the best foobs possible I agreed to wait. Again, I say, what was I going to do if I wasn't willing to wait? Throw my gown at her? Take her by the hand and march her to the procedure room and demand nipples? (That vision actually made me giggle a little)

A sweet FORCE member sent me a ton of the rub on nipples for "post mastectomy fun" (that's what the packaging says). I'd shoved them in a drawer and forgotten about them. Today, I saw them again and decided to try them out.

They are exactly like the rub on tattoos you'd get as a kid from the quarter machine (Can you imagine if some poor kid got tattoo nipples out of those??). So I peeled off the plastic making, put them on and rubbed them down with water. After thirty seconds I peeled back the paper..... and in my best Joey Lawrence Blossom Era impression I said "WHOA"

**Sidenote- Two things 1- Am I dating myself or what? and 2- Has Joey Lawrence DONE anything since Blossom??***
They looked so FOREIGN! I haven't had nipples for almost a year, but here they were! I will say, these tattoos are very realistic and seeing them made me want them. At that point, I felt something. Something I haven't really felt in almost a year.

I felt complete.

If there were any doubts whether I'd want nipples or not, this erased them. I finally saw my foobs as part of me, not some foreign breast mound thing. I couldn't quit staring at them! Until I realized how strange it was to be staring at yourself , topless, in the mirror.

For anyone who's interested, I'd strongly recommend looking into these. You can get all shades and they are not to expensive. Here's the website (I typed it all out because frankly, I find it a little funny :) )

And yes, I tested the link first. God forbid I should send my readers to some exotic sex toy website.

Now I'm just sitting here thinking...a whole year?? I've been so consumed with boobs and foobs that it'll almost seem weird to let go and wait! I'm almost at the end of my mastectomy journey....a little strange and almost sad. But, now I'm about to start my new, drastically reduced risk, journey. I finally get to meet the me that's on the other side :)

Yes, that was slightly corny. But again, it's my blog and I"ll do what I want to.

Good night!


  1. The rub on nipples are awesome! They helped me make the decision between nipple grafts and 3 D nipple tattoos, and I am still looking at my foobs/fipples in the mirror a couple of times a day almost 6 months after getting tatts. Mar

  2. Wow, Michelle, thank you so much for your tremendous write-up about Rub-On Nipples! Your comments will help to empower other women on our path.