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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Top 10 Things I've learned in 2012

As we said goodbye to 2012 and hello to 2013 I began to reflect on how I've grown over the past year. It's been an eventful year, and I learned a lot. Here are the top 10 things (not in any particular order):

1, Years ago, when I was making the decision to start attending a Catholic church, I felt as though I were doing Christianity wrong. I wasn't getting what other people were getting out of the Baptist church and for awhile I was gripped with fear that maybe I was a fake Christian. Luckily, I found the Catholic church and found a place to call home. Now, I had the same thing happen but with more political beliefs and world view in general. I heard what my conservative friends were saying, and it was something I just couldn't get behind. Starting in early 2012, I saw some down right hateful things being said, all in the name of politics. I knew that wasn't what I wanted to be like. I began to wonder if I should just not pay attention to politics at all, because surely a good Catholic girl couldn't be a Democrat? Well, luckily I was wrong. Now, there are people who say that "You're not a liberal, you just think you are" And maybe I fall more into a Moderate Liberal. But, I will say this. I identify more with liberals/Democratic party then I ever will with the other side. And I learned that that is ok. There are other good, Christian people out there who believe the same things I believe. And that makes me happy.

2. Some relationships aren't meant to last forever and you shouldn't force them. I began to realize that while I cherish some relationships I had with people, that we are just in different places in our lives now. Our paths have gone in different directions. And that's not a bad thing. I'll always cherish the parts we played in each others lives and I'll always be here if needed. For now, it's just time to move on.

3. In contrast, I learned that some relationships, TRUE friendships can be picked up after years apart, like nothing happened. 

4. I learned that some people put on a pretty good front. So much so,  that I desperately wanted to be like these people at one point in my life. Looked up to them in fact. But then I saw this side of them and realized everyone has their problems. And I'm pretty good the way I am now :)

5. Some people can't have a mature discussion. It took me awhile to learn that only a handful of people can engage in an adult debate with different opinions and not resort to getting upset, talking down to the other person, or calling them names. 

6. Some people really don't like it when you think differently than them, I prefer to have a diverse group of friends. It'd be boring if everyone thought like me :)

7. What a priest said to me a few years ago is true. Sometimes, you need to forgive not for the other person's sake but for your own. Some of the time, the other person with whom you've had a disagreement with may not even care that you're sorry or that you forgive them, But letting go of that grudge and anger can do wonders for YOU.

8. It still infuriates me when people have misconstrued views on Catholicism. And refuse to actually listen to the truth.

9. Not everyone will like me. Not everyone will be nice to me. And that's ok. They're the ones missing out.

10. I don't like being the victim. At all. Never have, never will.

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