PREVIVOR: A person who is not diagnosed with cancer, but has survived the predisposition, or higher risk, of cancer due to a genetic mutation and/or strong family history. After being armed with this information, a previvor can make informed choices prior to a cancer diagnosis.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

At a standstill

So I realized I haven't posted in quite some time! A lot of that has to do with blogspot being crazy (I'm moving my other blog to wordpress soon).

I had wanted to post a quick update to how my progress is going...

Nope..I still haven't gotten my tattoos yet. I tried to schedule them a few months ago, but they wanted me to pay $400 What the what? That's apparently my deductible. I cancelled them because I could go to a tattoo parlor for less. (Although I'm still having trouble with the idea of getting a fat bearded man to tattoo nipples for me.)

I happened to see Dr C when I was in clinical a few weeks ago. She said she'd try to work it out to where I didn't have to pay my deductible. We will see!!! More later (and the new blog address to come!)

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