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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Catch up!

Ok, I admit it...I've been HORRIBLE about updating!  I started school and in addition to that and working full time it takes up ALL of my time. The time that I'm not working or studying I'm normally eating or sleeping.. I get the occasional play time but let me tell you, I'm exhausted when I hit the bed at night! I still take muscle relaxers and/or a pain pill to help me sleep. Hopefully, I can stop doing that soon as that may be contributing to some of my fatigue through out the day.

Well, I finally got my drain pulled this past Wednesday. Thank goodness! However...I'm still draining out of that hole...eww I know. I have to keep a bandage on it and I'm taking care to make sure it's clean. She gave me another fill of over 200 cc's when I had my drain pulled. She actually filled me BEFORE I had the drain pulled and that definitely added to the ickiness feeling when the drain was pulled! I literally felt it push on the tissue expander and she had to pull a little harder to get it out.

She wanted to see me today, to make sure there wasn't a seroma forming from where she pulled the drain. Since I'm still draining from the hole, the bright side was that I didn't have a seroma! So yay? I also got another fill soooo.......(drumroll please) I'm now even and full on both sides. YAY! A total of 910 ccs on both, even though she said at the exchange surgery that there may be a slight difference because of the difference in the skin on the right side.

One thing that was SLIGHTLY concerning was the slight patch of pink on my right foob. I dismissed it as a bruise because a) it wasn't warm, b) it looked different than before and c) it didn't have fluid build up. She said I was more than likely right and she wasn't too concerned, but she'd put me on another round of antibiotics to be on the safe side. When she got a nurse's opinion who'd be dealing with mastectomy patients for 20 years, she said that it was fine. She said that a lot of patients are entirely pink throughout the whole process and it's just the tissue's way of reacting. So cross your fingers and your toes, pray, light a candle, dance naked in the moonlight (HA I stole that from a Facebook friend), make a sacrifice, whatever you have to do that it's nothing! I have another appointment with my PS next week and I'm hoping it'll be smooth sailing from there.

Well that about sums up the excitement in my life here lately! My next post is actually going to be a guest stay tuned for that excitement ;)

Have a WONDERFUL week!

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