PREVIVOR: A person who is not diagnosed with cancer, but has survived the predisposition, or higher risk, of cancer due to a genetic mutation and/or strong family history. After being armed with this information, a previvor can make informed choices prior to a cancer diagnosis.

Friday, September 2, 2011


I just tend to automatically assume that EVERYONE has a Facebook page these days. Its what all the cool kids are doing now, right? Well, even if you haven't been on Facebook, I am sure youve heard about the games to raise breast cancer awareness. First, the baffling color statuses (the color of your bra) and then the sexually suggestive, "I like it on the _______" (referring to the location of your purse) and now the pregnancy statuses (Im ___ weeks and craving ____ based on your birthday) Naturally, since all of these are to "raise breast cancer awareness" I received several messages about each "game". I obliged, participating in each but not really knowing exactly how I was raising breast cancer awareness. I mean I am aware of breast cancer for sure....there's not a day that goes by that I don't think about it. But, how exactly was I making others aware? That I wasn't sure of, but I figured no harm, no foul and posted the statuses anyway. WRONG! A friend posted a link to this blog, imploring others to read it. I am going to post the same link, and ask that you read it with a open mind. With October fast approaching, there will be loads of breast cancer awareness. And while I know that this has become my cause, whether I want it or not, I'm sure if we all put our heads together, we can raise awareness the RIGHT way and not potentially offend someone else in the process.

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  1. I read that. I also posted something similar when the last one was going around.

    A high school teacher of mine posted it and when I said it was offensive she removed and blocked me. I'm hoping that the backlash from all of this will stop these stupid updates.