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Friday, August 19, 2011

Second Time Around

Well four months later, here I sit In the recliner in my button up pajamas and drain belt with my two drains with I Love Lucy playing in the background. I feel like I never left.

That being said, Im in a lot less pain and have better range of motion. I can brush my hair by myself! Those are all pluses in my book :)

Wednesday morning, on the way to the hospital, it started raining....storming is better word. When we walked down the hall to the same day surgery area, the lights started flickering. When I went to check in, I nervously asked the receptionist if the OR had a back up generator. She assured me it did. I went back and got dressed in my gown and babbled nervously until it was time to go back. Oh and there was a little girl down the hall who had literally screamed the entire hour and a half we were back there. When i said something to my nurse about it (not complaining just more nervous babbling) her reply was "She just got earwax removed from her ears its not that big of a deal." geez....

I didnt have to wait very long until it was my turn in the OR (unlike last time) but it was funny because they had to get my PS to sign the consent form, since it still said the lat flap and i wasnt doing that anymore.

When i woke up, i realized that i wasnt in too mich pain, but my throat was SO scratchy! I got up to the room, and got some more pain meds. I managed to sleep for awhile and then actually sleep pretty well throughout the night. I was at home by 1:00 pm the next day.

Im scheduled to see Dr Cooper on Monday for my post op followup appointment. I know ill get at least one drain out, since its only putting out 10 ccs a day. The direct opposite of my other one....which doesnt STOP draining. Hopefully itll slow down soon.

The PS filled the right TE with 200ccs during in doesnt resemble a breast in any way looks like a raised flat surface! But i know itll come....eventually.

And God willing, ill be able to ave my exchange by the end of the year!

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