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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Side Effects

Well everything pain wise has been going ok. That's not to say that I'm not IN pain but it's very manageable. Kind of feels like I did 100 chest presses with a lot more weight than I'm used to. I managed to get through today with only a lortab in the early morning and regular ibuprofen during the day. I went back to work today...since I work from home so no one minds that I'm in my pjs and have on no make up and two drains hanging out.

I've always said that I wouldn't be posting pictures of myself and my "work in progress" boulder boobs (I can't even call them foobs yet). HOWEVER, I got to thinking about it and realized that part of the reason for this blog is to help other women who are going through this. So if you'd like to see a picture of my scars, drains and all just shoot me an email at: I will not however be sending topless pictures to people I know so don't even try :)

Currently I'm on Lortab 7.5, Robaxin (a muscle relaxer), and Spectra (an antibiotic). I get side effects from every medicine I take...especially antibiotics. So yes, that means even though I'm not in pain per se, I have a headache, my throat is dry and scratchy (I don't know whether or not to blame that on the meds, or the tube down my throat during surgery), I'm sick to my stomach and I'm dry coughing to boot (and that makes me scar hurt everytime I cough). And I've got the one side effect of pain meds that makes grown people shiver in fear. I won't  go into details..but let's just say things aren't moving quite like they should yet.

Now I know not everyone will get these side effects. I'm just one of the lucky ones I suppose. Hopefully, things will get better soon! I'm seeing Dr. Cooper tomorrow and getting my one drain pulled. My other drain is still putting out so much I'm beginning to wonder if it's healthy to lose this much fluid.

On a positive thing this experience has shown me (really reminded me) is how much I do love to write. I've always loved to write, ever since I was in grade school. My grandmother had family newsletters I wrote when I was younger, and I was constantly writing plays and short stories. I would love to write more. Now the question is, do I have enough real talent? Hmm... I did put in an application to be a write for The Fight Like a Girl Club. We'll see if I make it! I don't want to give up nursing school to be a writer..Lord knows I'd be mad at me if I'd been through this much of nursing school to quit! More of a hobby would be nice. Like I said, we'll see how everything pans out.

Since I've officially been off for 7 minutes, I'm headed to take a shower, empty my drains, medicate myself and fall into a coma...umm deep sleep. =)


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