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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Never been good at waiting

When I ended my last post, i was worried about having more debridement surgery.Well, on Monday I did. But on the bright side my doctor removed my last two drains! I can't tell you, it's so much easier to do anything without feeling like you have extra limbs.And she started to fill my left side during surgery! She said since the right side was still healing she would leave it alone for now. So I was a happy camper since I started to have a boob and surgery was done.

As I went to my appointment on Wednesday and the PS took one look at my right side and said "You're probably going to lose that expander" WHAT?! Apparently, I had developed cellulitis. She gave me Levaquin and Bactrim-two very strong antibiotics and told me to come back on Friday. She gave me a 10 day supply and told me to call if it gets worse. So, now I was stuck taking meds that made me feel horrible.

When I went back on Friday she agreed the infection had cleared up but that we weren't out of the woods yet. So now I have an appointment to go back Wednesday to make the final decision.

So, you may be asking yourself, what happens if I lose the expander? Well, I'd have to wait 6-8 weeks and then have another surgery...the lat flap procedure. That is where they take part of your latissimus muscle and move it to your chest wall. Then, they also place an expander in. She said the lat muscle is about 400ccs so the idea is to add 400ccs to the tissue expander and eventually another implant. I'm exhausted just talking about it. Hopefully the meds will work and I can just fill up thus expander I already have. But that's the plan if it doesn't work.

Did I mention I have 500ccs in the left side and 50ccs in the right? FIFTY. So I'm lopsided! And if I have to have the expander removed I'll stay that way for awhile. That sucks!

I'm trying slowly but surely to regain my normal life. I went to my sisters baby shower yesterday and went shopping beforehand. I had fun, but when I got home I had to take a muscle relaxer and pain pill and slept for almost 4 hours.

This infection is making me feel so helpless. All I can do ia sit around and wait for the meds to work...... Until then, I'm trying to keep my prespective and keep smiling. All the trouble I've had and I don't for one second regret having the PBM. And even though this seems like forever now, this too shall pass. And when I'm 80 and still have the breasts of a 20 year old, I'll look back at this and laugh :)



    perfect for lopsidedness. Damn I would of mailed you mine but I threw them all out when I moved :(

  2. Hello Michelle!
    You are a brave girl and an inspiration to me!

    hugs and kisses!

  3. lol. such a great positive ending. your spirit made me smile. hang in there sista! much love:)